About us

Our Company

Box by Summer McKenzie is a brand new beauty brand making huge 1st impressions. Our original products for hair accessories put us in a lane of our own. We give product storage a touch of elegance. We are committed to bringing value, honesty, innovation, & creativity to the lives of those we are blessed to encounter.

Who am I?

Tya McKenzie

I’m a 90’s mom in a modern world. I love making happy memories & celebrating the good things in life. I’m completely sold out for Christ & I am huge on keeping the peace. Being a mom has it’s challenges but it’s the best title that I will ever have. 

The First Idea

When I was younger, my mom kept our barrettes and ballies in a plastic container. Every week that bin turned into a tangled nightmare. Ribbons got twisted around the ballies; Oil leaked from the bottles; Beads somehow got into the hair grease. It was a mess! A lot of money was wasted because so many hair accessories had to be thrown away or cut to release the tangles. I went through the same struggle when I started styling my daughter’s hair. Out of my frustration, a brand new product was born.


Box by Summer McKenzie is named after my daughter Summer McKenzie. My kids inspire so many aspects of my life & this business is no exception. Through this company, my hope is to make the lives of other women & girls just a little bit easier.