How big is the Accessory Boutique?

Dimensions: 11.13” x 11.5” x 11”

How much does the Accessory Boutique weigh?


What are the Essentials Boutiques & Deluxe Boutiques?

The Essentials Boutique is a travel bag for those necessary hair products. It can hold up to 3 regular size bottles, a regular size comb & brush, a bonnet, a small jar of edge control, clips & other small hair items. It’s perfect for weekend getaways, trips to grandma’s or when you have protective styles & only need a few things.

The Deluxe Boutique is a travel bag with more space than the Essentials Boutique. This bag is great for vacations & when packing products for more than one person. It’s large enough to fit a flat iron, a blow dryer or flexi rods.

What colors do you have?

We offer our products in 2 colors. Princess Pink & Boutique Black. As time goes on, other colors will be added.

When can I purchase?

Early subscribers are able to place orders today! June 30th is the official preorder opening date for everyone else. 

What does preorder mean?

A preorder is when you order a product that is not yet released. Because preorders are exclusive & in high demand, not everyone will be able to order the first time around. 

What happens after I preorder?

After you preorder, you will receive updates via email about your purchase. Preorders do take a few weeks to go from the manufacturer to your doorstep so please exercise patience during this process. 

How long will preorders be open?

Preorders are first come first serve, unless you subscribed early. Once all preorders are sold out, preorders will close so don’t wait because they will go fast.

Where is this company located?

We are located in Philadelphia, Pa but our products ship across the US.